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Quality Standards

Quality Standards



Quality is assured with Aercon® as an ISO9001:2015 company. Our procedures cover all office, manufacturing and warehousing processes. We also operate a robust non-conformance and complaints system. Aercon® is audited independently every 6 months by Lloyds Register and is proud to have maintained an unblemished record in retaining this award for over 15 years.


We are committed to ensuring safety and optimal performance in healthcare applications. All the products in our LF range of stabilisers meet the requirements of the following standards:

HBN 04-01

Isolation facilities for infectious patients in acute settings

HTM 03-01

Specialised Ventilation in Healthcare Premises

HBN 13

Sterile Services Departments


We pride ourselves on our ability to evolve with changes in industry standards. Ensuring consistent and superior sterility in our products is a priority we have always recognised. For this reason, we established the very first partnership with SteriTouch® in the air pressure control industry in 2006. As a result of this, SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection is standard on all of our LF range of air pressure stabilisers. The antimicrobial powder coating effectively reduces the growth of microbes by 99.9% allowing us to provide products with the highest possible standards of hygiene.

How it Works

SteriTouch® utilises the antimicrobial properties of silver to form additives that can be used in almost any material, from plastics and rubber to paints and fabrics, where hygiene, performance or aesthetics are important.


  • Offers protection against a range of bacteria including E.coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella
  • Offers protection against black mould growth, biofilm and fungi
  • Aercon® products containing SteriTouch® are routinely tested at an independent laboratory (ISO and JIS standards)
  • SteriTouch® coating lasts for the products entire lifecycle ensuring long lasting antimicrobial performance
  • SteriTouch® coating is unaffected by cleaning chemicals as well as scratches and abrasion
  • SteriTouch® coatings are approved for food contact and hold EFSA and FDA approvals

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