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Specials and Accessories

Specials and Accessories

Explore our range of accessories that accompany our core products

Lead lined shield

White coated aluminium tray lined with 2.24mm (code 5) lead complete with sturdy brackets to enable secure installation directly to the wall.  The shield sits 100mm (minimum) from the stabiliser to avoid causing air turbulence and protect from harmful radiation.

Deflector shield

White coated aluminium to deflect the air flow in the required direction. Usually solid on the underside allowing direct screw-fixing to the bottom flange of the stabiliser.  Small leg brackets are supplied where necessary. The shield sits 100mm (minimum) from the stabiliser to avoid causing turbulence.


Fumigation plate

White coated carbon steel plate with neoprene gasket and hand wheels to ensure tight seal against the frame of the stabiliser.  Fumigation plates are used in conjunction with specially adapted stabilisers.

Laser shield

White coated aluminium laser shield can be designed to block laser penetration on any of its four sides. Our laser shield is complete with small brackets for fixing to the surrounding wall.

Mesh guard

White coated mesh (complete with fixing clips) used to prevent accidental damage to the stabiliser or tampering to the balance weight mechanism of the stabiliser.

FREE Design Calculations

We have expert engineers to develop air flow design calculations for any application. Give us a call to find out more about what Aercon® can do for you.

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