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Aercon® are the original designers and manufacturers of air pressure control valves and air pressure stabilisers in the UK. For over 50 years, we have pioneered the way for air pressure control worldwide with our unrivalled quality products. All of the blades and internal parts are made from a high grade stainless steel, which guarantees the longevity of their operating life. We are proud of our attractive design which features front-facing balance weights as well as sleek pivot pins and bearings. To offer the most bespoke product, we also supply a variety of paint options. Self-activating and with over 98% accuracy, you can rest easy that our products will be effective in critical situations.

Stabilisers for the control of room pressures in hospitals, operating theatres and clean room applications

Optional extras for Aercon®  products

Valves for the control of room pressures in critical applications for pharmaceutical, electronic and clean room applications

Valves for the control of pressure in stairwells, clean room facilities and other industrial applications

Valves for the control of pressure in protected escape routes

Valves for specialist high pressure and harsh external environments

FREE Design Calculations

We have expert engineers to develop air flow design calculations for any application. Give us a call to find out more about what Aercon® can do for you.

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