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About Aercon®

About Aercon®


We aim to offer our customers a fully comprehensive service, providing the highest quality air pressure stabilisers and pressure relief valves in an ever evolving market.


Whether you are large or small, all of our customers are equally important to us and we endeavour to offer the best price and lead time on every order you place with us. We ensure our customers receive the best possible service before, during and after their purchase along with expertly manufactured products of unrivalled quality.

Why choose us?

Market Leaders

We are market leaders in the supply of air pressure control products


We will work closely with you, forming a long term relationship and building mutual trust beyond the completion of your project

Expertly Built

Our stabilisers and vents are designed to last– they are robust and have been thoroughly tested to meet industry standards

Problem Solving

We are renowned for our ability to solve any technical problem you may encounter

FREE Design Calculations

We have expert engineers to develop air flow design calculations for any application. Give us a call to find out more about what Aercon® can do for you.

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