Aercon Distributor HVACR Showcases Cutting-Edge Stabilisers at ARBS 2024

HVACR team

The trade show ARBS 2024 has concluded, marking the largest and most successful event in ARBS history. Held at the ICC Sydney from 28-30 May, the exhibition attracted an impressive turnout of 9,378 visitors and showcased over 350 exhibitors. The event featured 45 seminars and presentations from 102 distinguished speakers, highlighting the vibrant future and innovative spirit of the HVAC and building services industry.

Among the standout exhibitors was HVACR an Aercon Distributor, based in Australia and renowned for innovative Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products and solutions. Aercon’s display at ARBS 2024 drew significant attention, particularly their advanced stabilisers, which promise to revolutionise air pressure control and energy efficiency in HVAC systems.

A Highlight of Innovation: Aercon’s Stabilisers

Aercon’s stabilisers were a focal point at their booth, attracting numerous industry professionals eager to learn about the latest advancements. These stabilisers are designed to provide enhanced stability and efficiency in HVAC systems, addressing common issues such as air pressure fluctuations and energy waste. With Aercon’s stabilisers, businesses can expect improved performance and significant cost savings, especially in the healthcare sector.

Positive Reception and Promising Follow-Ups

The reception of Aercon’s products at ARBS 2024 was overwhelmingly positive. The HVACR team, comprising Grady, Hamish, and Greg, engaged with many visitors, demonstrating the features and benefits of their stabilisers. The team’s efforts resulted in numerous promising leads, setting the stage for productive follow-ups in the coming weeks.

Next Steps: Interstate Visits and Sales Repping

In the wake of ARBS 2024, the HVACR team is gearing up for a busy period of interstate visits and sales representation. Grady, Hamish, and Greg will be travelling across Australia to meet with potential clients and further discuss how Aercon’s stabilisers can meet their HVAC needs. These visits are scheduled to take place after the close of the Financial Year on 30th June 2024.

Reflecting on a Successful Exhibition

ARBS 2024 was a landmark event, and Aercon Distributor’s participation underscored their commitment to advancing HVAC technology. The exhibition provided a valuable platform for showcasing their innovative stabilisers and connecting with industry peers and potential customers. The HVACR team is excited to build on the momentum generated at ARBS 2024 and looks forward to continuing to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the HVAC&R industry.

Looking Ahead

As Aercon’s Distributor embarks on this next phase of follow-ups and interstate visits, they remain dedicated to fostering innovation and excellence in HVAC. Their participation in ARBS 2024 not only highlighted their current offerings but also positioned them as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

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