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LF Range

LF Range


Aercon®’s LF range provides a number of stabilisers available in both single and multi-bladed formats; they are mounted in walls and doors to control airborne pollutants by regulating room pressure difference between adjacent rooms. LF stabilisers are self-actuating, requiring no external energy source and are not volume dependent.

First introduced in 1994, Aercon® have developed and modernised the LF Range to suit the changing needs of an ever evolving market. All LF stabilisers are now coated with SteriTouch® antimicrobial coating to reduce the transmission of MRSA and E-Coli 157 bacteria. Our commitment to ongoing product development as well as thorough monitoring of market trends has allowed us to adapt and continually improve our products for a consistently excellent performance.


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Clean Rooms and Laboratories

Air pressure control plays a crucial part in the production of electronics and pharmaceuticals, as well as in maintaining the sterility of research, laboratory or pharmaceutical facilities. Pressure stabilisers and control valves maintain accurate air pressures between adjoining spaces to meet current environmental standards for air cleanliness between rooms.


Our LF Range of air pressure stabilisers are ideal in a variety of hospital applications including sterile services, endoscopy suites, operating theatres, isolation rooms and cath labs. All LF stabilisers have a SteriTouch® antimicrobial coating as standard to reduce the spread of microbial infections such as MSRA in patients.


For wall mounting between thicknesses of 50mm -79mm


For wall mounting between thicknesses of 80mm – 99mm


For wall mounting between thicknesses of 100mm – 175mm

100LF FR

Fire rated for wall mounting


Smoke/fire rated for wall mounting


Retro Fit Fire Damper for wall mounting


Retro Fit Smoke Damper for wall mounting

Optional extras for Aercon products

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