When to use Pressure Stabilisers vs. Air Transfer Grilles in Healthcare

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At Aercon, we understand that precise air pressure control is crucial for maintaining safety and comfort in healthcare settings. Pressure Stabilisers and Air Transfer Grilles are often used in these spaces to provide pressure control, but their utility can often be misunderstood.

Understanding Air Pressure Differentials

In healthcare environments, maintaining correct air pressure differentials is vital. Positive pressure rooms (like operating theatres) keep contaminants out, while negative pressure rooms (like isolation rooms) contain them. Proper pressure management ensures air flows in the desired direction, which is essential for infection control and air quality.

Pressure Stabilisers for Pressure Differentials of 5 Pascals or Higher

What Are Pressure Stabilisers?

Our pressure stabilisers use adjustable dampers to maintain precise air pressure differentials, reacting in real-time to pressure changes.

Utilisation in Healthcare

For differentials of 5 Pascals or higher, our pressure stabilisers:

  • Ensure Constant Pressure: Keep pressure levels stable.
  • Enhance Infection Control: Prevent cross-contamination.
  • Improve HVAC Performance: Provide precise pressure control to critical areas.


  • Operating Theatres: Maintain positive pressure to keep contaminants out.
  • Isolation Rooms: Maintain negative pressure to contain infectious agents.
  • Pharmaceutical Rooms: Ensure sterility of medications.

Air Transfer Grilles for Pressure Differentials Up to 5 Pascals

What Are Air Transfer Grilles?

Air Transfer Grilles are passive ventilation components that allow airflow between spaces while blocking larger particles and contaminants. They are installed in doors, walls, or ceilings to maintain controlled environments without mechanical assistance.

Utilisation in Healthcare

For pressure differentials up to 5 Pascals, Air Transfer Grilles:

  • Balance Airflow: Ensure slight pressure differences don’t disrupt ventilation.
  • Improve Circulation: Prevent stagnant air pockets.
  • Maintain Air Quality: Allow passive air transfer, contributing to overall ventilation efficiency.


  • Patient Rooms: Balance air pressure without compromising comfort or privacy.
  • Common Areas: Maintain consistent airflow for better air quality.

Integrating air transfer grilles and Pressure Stabilisers

In a comprehensive HVAC strategy for healthcare settings, our pressure stabilisers can be effectively complemented with air transfer grilles:

  • Seamless Airflow Management: air transfer grilles can be supplied for areas with minimal pressure differentials, while pressure stabilisers take over in critical areas requiring stricter control.
  • Optimised Air Quality: By using the appropriate component for each area, facilities can ensure optimal air quality and safety throughout the entire building.


At Aercon, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions for air pressure control in healthcare settings. Our pressure stabilisers handle differentials of 5 Pascals or higher, ensuring a safe, efficient, and comfortable environment. Additionally, we can supply Air Transfer Grilles along with the required Pressure Stabilisers to provide comprehensive pressure control. 

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