Case Study: Royal Preston Hospital Air Pressure Stabiliser Project.



Royal Preston Hospital, known for its commitment to high-quality healthcare services, Aercon developed an airflow regime for an Operating Theatre to incorporate air pressure stabilisers within the existing build.


The absence of air pressure stabilisers prompted engineers to identify the importance of integrating stabilisers to balance ventilation in the refurbished area. 

Project Timeline:

The project commenced with the air pressure stabilisers being successfully installed at the end of October 2023 by our installer. The products from the LF Range showcase Aercon’s commitment to meeting project deadlines.

Smooth Execution:

The design underwent a single revision to optimise low-level extract airflow volumes. Despite the need for this modification, the relatively small scale of the project, with only 3 or 4 rooms involved, contributed to a straightforward and efficient design process.

Aercon Products Deployed:

The Royal Preston Hospital project benefited from the application of Aercon products tailored to specific requirements. Two units of the 100LFA were utilized, one each of LFA 550/6 and LFA 430/5, as depicted in the accompanying images below.

Project Results:

The successful integration of Aercon’s air pressure stabilisers culminated in a well-balanced and efficient ventilation system. Commissioning of the ventilation system proceeded seamlessly, and the project passed validation without encountering any issues. This outcome reflects the reliability and effectiveness of Aercon’s products in retrofit scenarios, demonstrating their capacity to rectify ventilation challenges even in post-construction phases.


The Royal Preston Hospital case underscores Aercon’s ability to provide effective solutions in challenging scenarios. By seamlessly incorporating air pressure stabilisers into a refurbishment project, Aercon not only addressed the immediate ventilation concerns but also ensured the project’s timely completion. The successful validation of the ventilation system without any issues further validates the efficacy of Aercon’s products, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in the healthcare infrastructure domain.

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